Recognising the integral role the community plays in our ongoing success; Longreach Airport continuously strives to be recognised as a responsible employer of choice and prominent community member through ongoing employee services, ongoing consultation and sponsorship.

Our sponsorship and community programs are aimed at forming active and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and communities, not merely through financial support, but also through contributing and transferring skills, expertise, and knowledge.

Our parent company Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), through our individual airport brands in Queensland, is involved with many sponsorship activities and events across regional Queensland through our individual airport brands. These range from small community-based projects to significant regional events and activities. QAL invests more than $650,000 each year in support of local community, business, environmental and tourism events in each of our regions, as well as Queensland-wide initiatives.

Sponsorship Seekers
If you are seeking sponsorship from Longreach Airport, please review our Sponsorship Guidelines, and ensure that any written proposals for sponsorship address the LAPL sponsorship criteria. To submit a sponsorship proposal, please email sponsorships@qldairports.com.au.

Community Benefit Fund
If you are seeking support for a community based initiative within the health and wellbeing, safety, education, environment, arts and culture or other community benefit initiatives, please click here.